What can I do with our Community Garden?

Now that we have one…. what do we do with it and how can it be used to serve the Gospel?

Have a neighbor or a friend that you would like to get to know better and introduce Christ to in a non-confrontational environment?  Consider using the garden as a meeting point to work a little together while building your relationship with the goal of sharing Christ in mind.

Want to get to know your neighbors more but don’t have a good reason for conversation?  Consider using a bit of the garden produce as a conversation starter.  And when the ask where it came from…

Use the garden as a meeting place for a summer LIFE Group outing.  Spend some time working together in the garden and use our patio space (and wonderful new lawn area) for a carry-in afterwards.

Interested?  Contact Glen Markley @ 564.0088 to find out what work can be done, and Marshall @ 547.0065 to schedule a time!

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