Queko (Eneko) Izaguirre’s Baptism Testimony

When I was five years old my mother passed away and during this time people would tell me that she was in a better place and that I would see her again someday. Everybody would tell me that she was in a place called heaven. This event caused me to ask questions about this place, I wanted to know about it and I wanted to know how to get there so I could be with my mother again. My dad told me that the only way to get to heaven is by believing in God, because of my age I did not completely understand the importance of the Gospel of Christ, but I knew that God existed, so I said the sinner’s prayer and thought that I was saved. I started to attend a Catholic church even though I did not really understand the message. At that moment I only wanted to have a relationship with God because I had been told that it was what I was supposed to do to go to heaven and be with my mother again, this was my only motivation. But when I was seven years old God used my grandmother to make me realize that my motivation for having a relationship with Him was wrong, and that my only motivation should be what he did in the cross for us. This was the moment when I started to realize how important that was, when I started to understand the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, though I was still too young to understand some things. I was eager to know more about Him, and my grandmother taught me many things about God, one of the most memorable things that she taught me is that I did not need a priest to talk to God, that I could do it myself. This is the main reason why I stopped attending Catholic Church. I could not go to any Christian churches because there weren’t any close to where I live. Even though I stopped attending church, I did not stop having a relationship with God.

When I was fifteen years old I decided to become an exchange student, and by God’s grace I ended up living in Greenville, with a family that had just started attending Greenville Grace Church. This church has helped me to fully understand the importance of the Gospel. In only eight months I have learned more about Jesus Christ than what I had before in my whole life. I know that I did not end up leaving (living) in Greenville just by chance, I know that he wanted me to know more about Him, and that this was the right place to do it. I also got the opportunity to serve Him during a mission trip in the Dominican Republic last March, where I got to know other people from this church that I had never met before, I got to share the Gospel with people that had never heard it, and I also worked with a medical team.

I got baptized when I was a baby, but the reason why I am doing it today is because I want everybody to know how thankful I am for Jesus dying on the cross to save me from my sin. God has been watching over me for my entire life. He brought me here so I could learn more about Him, and has always been so good to me.


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