Jason’s Journal | Part 1 of 7

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At the beginning of March, I had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic with 32 other people; some for our church, others from other churches and some from Cedarville University. I have to admit, I had been on short term missions trips before and been fairly disappointed; I had an expectation that short term missions trips were a front row seat to what God was really doing in the world. This time, I tempered my expectations. Perhaps God wouldn’t show Himself through tongues of fire, though He could if He wanted to. What He did show me though was that He works in the Dominican Republic much like He works in Greenville, Ohio; through men and women submitted to Him, abiding in Him and bearing fruit accordingly (John 15).

While we were on our trip, I took the time to try my hand at journaling. I had my iphone and the notes app and would try to write down what I was thinking from time to time. Often, it would be on the bus ride back to our hotel or in the morning after finishing my time in the Word.

Regardless, I wanted to post those thoughts here. Admittedly, I had to go back and polish up some of the spelling and even make sure that what I was saying made sense. But, the point of it all is three-fold;

  1. I want to encourage those who are thinking about going to the DR.
  2. I want to remind our church (as I was reminded) that God doesn’t just work in Greenville, Ohio but all over the world
  3. I wanted to give a brief window into what Bob and Anna Nilsen (our missionaries in the DR) and the teams we send down every year are doing.

I hope that you enjoy what you read. I’ve posted the thoughts consecutively so that you can get a perspective on what is happening. We’ll be sure to spread the posts out over a 3 day period so as to not overwhelm the reader.

I hope that God continues to allow our church to enjoy these trips and see fruit from them. We don’t go to the DR to help an impoverished country get health care or have better facilities.  We go to the DR to see the gospel bear fruit (Col. 1:6)—in us and in them. I hope that you get that sense as you read.


[styled_image size=”small” align=”left” link=”” icon=”” lightbox=”” alt=”Grace Blog”]https://www.greenvillegrace.org/ggbc_files/Web/Graphics/BRADSHAW_JASON_MUG.png[/styled_image]Jason Bradshaw currently serves as the Pastor of Worship and Counseling at Greenville Grace Church in Greenville, OH where he resides. We have had the joy of benefiting from his giftedness as a musician and resident theologian for a little over 8 years. It is our prayer that what you read conveys his love for the body of Christ…wherever she finds herself. If  you’d like to interact more with Jason, feel free to contact the church office at office@greenvillegrace.org and we’ll get you in touch with him.

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