Jason’s Journal | Part 6 of 7

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[headline h=”1″]Physical healing & an eternal Message | part 2 [/headline]

Tuesday, march 5 11:09 pm

Today we went to do a clinic in…well..honestly i’m not sure. When we got to the church we set up quickly and collected together to pray and sing before the clinic began. Crowds of people waited outside to recieve medical attention.

Running the evangelism station has been interesting. Dominicans will sit across from you and tell you that they are not Chrisitians. They know that they have broken God’s commands, that punishment for the sin is death, and that Christ is the payment for their sin. Yet, intuitively they know that a decision to accept Jesus means a change of life. And so, many have been unwilling. It’s as if there is a barrier between them and hearing the truth of he gospel.

I’ve told many people this week that running the evangelism station has been practical theology. I can see the scriptures come to life in every rejection—Satan has blinded the minds of men and women (2 Cor. 4). But also see the beauty of a sinner reconciled to God by faith in Jesus Christ, like Lazarus raised from the dead. In each instance I can see myself, hardened in sin or softened by grace. Thank God that He has overcome in Christ.

Tomorrow we will go to a church in John 3:16. I’m hoping to see more men and women place faith in Jesus. Today we had a few. But in the gospel tomorrow holds endless possibility for the kingdom.

Wednesday march 6 7:20 am

It’s Wednesday morning and I can’t believe we’re half way done with clinics. The last two days have gone by so quickly. Today we go to John 3:16–which I guess is the name of the town. I’m exhausted in a good way–spent for the purpose of gospel proclamation. Noah told me at the beginning of the week that once clinics start the week will fly by. This has proven true.

Everyone on the team is in good spirits, which is amazing for the amount of work which has been done. I hope that today brings more conversions, but I recognize that those who hear and reject may not always reject. And even if they do, it is to God’s glory.

Wednesday march 5, 7:55

Today we went to John 3:16. Praise God for an incredibly fruitful day of ministry! 8 people came to saving knowledge of Jesus– many of which were adults. The best part was that the pastor of the church was there with us. So any of those who trusted Christ went on to meet the pastor. He intends to follow up with those men and women.

One decision in particular stands out. A young man, about 18 to 20 years old sat down on the bench in front of us. He seemed nervous; his eyes would only look at the floor. Our translator starts into a gospel presentation. The further he got into be presentation the faster the young man was breathing. When the translator asked if he would like to accept Jesus, he shyly nodded his head.

I can tell that people here know that accepting Christ anticipates a changed life. The problem is that many of them think that a changed life must happen before they can ask Jesus for forgiveness. In that way, I think the true gospel can have a great impact here.


[styled_image size=”small” align=”left” link=”” icon=”” lightbox=”” alt=”Grace Blog”]https://www.greenvillegrace.org/ggbc_files/Web/Graphics/BRADSHAW_JASON_MUG.png[/styled_image]Jason Bradshaw currently serves as the Pastor of Worship and Counseling at Greenville Grace Church in Greenville, OH where he resides. We have had the joy of benefiting from his giftedness as a musician and resident theologian for a little over 8 years. It is our prayer that what you read conveys his love for the body of Christ…wherever she finds herself. If  you’d like to interact more with Jason, feel free to contact the church office at office@greenvillegrace.org and we’ll get you in touch with him.

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