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Friday morning march 8, 7:05 am

I’m at the front of the score complex reflecting upon the day yesterday. We started out with a half day clinic at La Cruz. This town felt less evangelized than the other towns — less people claimed to be Christians and in a half day clinic we had a few more people follow Christ. One of the SCORE missionaries started a church there last year. I hope that in years coming we may be able to help this church thrive.

After leaving La Cruz, we went back to Aleman and dropped off bags of food for their village (graciously paid for by one of the churches in the states). While the poverty level is not shockingly low (at least compared to other countries), I imagine that these bags will be a great help to those who get them.

Last night the missionaries at score cooked an authentic argentine barbeque for us. It was An amazing meal; 4 different kinds of meat! But the best part was hearing 4 or 5 testimonies of men and women brought to faith in Jesus. It’s exciting to see others excited about Jesus. I find that being here gives me more desire to spread the word of Christ at home. I’m hoping that God allows our team to be fruitful even after we go home.

Friday march 8, 3:01 pm

I’m looking at the most beautiful beach I have ever seen and I’m reminded that this is a world of stark contrasts.

While I was staring out into a beautiful scene a man came to me and offered me some tourist trappings. In speaking with him, he has 10 children…10. He makes his living by selling jewelry to tourists. I bought two for far more than what their worth. My kids will love them. But he still has many more bracelets to sell to meet his families needs.

But the most beautiful thing about this island is its people. There is a joy in them, especially who would call themselves “chrisitiana”. I remember one of my translators commenting on that; we got to the point in our evangelism that we could tell how a conversation was going to go by looking at their face when they sat down across from us. Those who were in Christ wanted to hear more. One individual told us they were Christian but wanted to hear us tell the gospel anyway, because it meant so much to them.

In the absence of material possessions, I wonder if we’re forced to deal with the reality of our need before God. This seems to be the case here. These Dominicans don’t get offended by the truths of the gospel like Americans do. Most of my job in evangelism in the US is convincing people who think they are good with God that they really aren’t. Most Dominicans that I’ve talked to know that what they’re doing is an offense to God and would even tell you that His death is the only way to pay for sin. But they’re unwilling to repent of sins and follow Him. A life that is Christian must be submitted to His Lordship.

Tomorrow, we go home. While I’m saddened to leave I’m also excited to see my family. It has been an abundant blessing to be here for 9 days but now it is time to go back. I have to remind myself that the purpose is the same in the DR as it is in Ohio; God’s glory shown through the gospel.


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