Announcements for May 22

The information that follows is meant to serve any and all that are ‘formally’ or ‘informally’ a part of the family of Greenville Grace Church. If this is applicable to you, read on! If you’ve found us by ‘mistake’, please, read on, but also know that we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you visit us! We hold 2 services each Sunday at 9 and 11am at 4805 SR 49 S, Greenville, OH. We would love to get to know you!

Today’s text : JUDGES 2:6-3:11| JUDGES |   Preacher : DANNY WRIGHT [teaching pastor]

BAPTISM SERVICE  |  On Sunday June 5th, we will be having a baptism service. If you would like to be baptized, and this date works for you, please contact the church office at or 547-0065. If reading this makes you wonder why anyone would even be baptized and you would like to hear an explanation, call the church office or email us, we’d love the opportunity to discuss it with you!

PRAISE IN THE PARK DATES|  Each year we have one service on the first Sunday of June, July, and August at the Greenville City Park.  Those dates will be June 5th, July 3rd, and August 7th.  Put those dates in your calendar and watch the bulletin for more information as the day approaches.

SAVE THE DATES  |  Mark the following dates on your calendar so you don’t miss out on the fun: VBS will be June 27-30th and the Tri-State District Youth Camp will be July 10-15. Watch the bulletin for more information as we approach those dates.

MOWING HELP NEEDED | The Grace Building and Grounds team is once again looking for volunteers to mow the church lawn this spring and summer. If you have a large mower and a way to transport it, visit the welcome center and sign up for a week! If you don’t have a large mower and would like to sponsor a week’s mowing ($75) there is a signup for that as well. Visit the Welcome Center for details!

QUARTERLY FINANCE UPDATE   | SPRING 2016 FINANCE UPDATE:  YTD March 31, 2016 the General Fund giving is $111,389, which is $9,884 (9.7%) over budget. The expenses are $106,087, which is $4,561 (4.5%) over budget, resulting in an excess of $5,302 in revenue over expenses. Our mortgage debt, which began at $750,000 in 2006, is now $14,459. We have retired $38,701 of mortgage debt in 2016 and if we are able to maintain the current rate of principal reduction, the mortgage will be paid off in MAY 2016!!! If anyone has any questions and/or comments please feel free to forward those to the office or speak to any of the following finance team members: Monty Stump, Kent Powell, Mike Gallagher, Linda Fourman or Katie McKee.

LONG STORY SHORT  |  This week’s lesson: Week 21 (Jacob’s Wrestling Match). Your Children’s Church teacher will spend time working through the basic storyline of this week’s lesson.  The lessons in Long Story Short (the book all of our classes use) are broken into 5 days to help facilitate a consistent, Gospel-centered family devotion time in your home. Copies of the book are available at the Welcome Center or by contacting the church office @ 937.547.0065 .

Castine Food Bank Items for May |  Jello & Canned Fruits

FINANCIAL Giving  | Average thru 5/15/2016 — $8344| 2016 wkly need — $7803

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