We Switch to ESV on August 6

On Sunday, July 30, we will wrap up our study of 1 and 2 Timothy. It’s been a sweet time of learning about how we must not just share (give) or protect (guard) the Gospel, but to be digging deeply into its simplicity so that we can effectively do both by the power of the Spirit.

On August 6th we will put on our track shoes and take a sixteen week sprint through Romans. At a pace of one chapter per week, we will zip across the mountain range of doctrine found in this super rich letter.

When we begin Romans…we will officially make the switch from the NASB to the ESV…and use it as the translation that we preach from for foreseeable future.

Below are some questions that we received (and our answers) that we hope will help you understand why we chose to “make the move” to the ESV.

[NOTE: Please read to the end…where you’ll find a way for you to save 40% on the purchase of a new bible!]

What’s wrong with the NASB? Not a thing. It’s an effective literal translation. Super accurate to the original texts and written very clearly.

Is the ESV as accurate of a translation as the NASB? Yes. Both the ESV and the NASB are literal (word for word) translations that use the original manuscript(s) as their starting point of translation. Both have been time tested and are backed by scholars that enjoy the original languages as much as Danny enjoys bacon. Your elders have both translations on their shelves and use them both for personal study and preaching preparation.

If they are both accurate, why in the world would we switch? Two reasons. Practicality and readability.

Practicality – The ESV is everywhere! The publishing rights to the NASB are owned by a foundation while the ESV publishing rights are owned by a publishing company. This difference in ownership of publishing rights has made all the difference in the amount of different styles, formats (both digital and print), and additional resources that are available to us in the ESV. We desire to use a translation that is both accurate and readily available. While they are equal in their accuracy, the ESV is so much more available in a format that suits the preferences, needs, and wallet, of the reader. (for example, their study Bible is about $30 and one of the best we’ve found).

Readability – The ESV is written in a style that is slightly more accessible to the reader. (think 10th grade level vs nearly 12th). Honestly, this is a much lesser reason to make the switch, but it is a real one. We feel that the translators have done a super job of keeping very close to the original languages while using wording that minimizes roadblocks to our understanding the intent of the original author.

But I marked up an NASB and I have to leave my notes behind!! I know. We are all in the same boat here on this one. This is the most common feedback we’ve heard, and as pastors, super encouraging!  Hear us, we totally feel and share in your “pain”. But we want you to view this as an opportunity, not a loss. Many of us can look at our stack of Bibles we’ve used over the years and remember the course of our Spirit-wrought sanctification. Think of this as one more step in that for you! Take some time and transfer notes if you’d like. Use that time to thank the Lord for all that He has revealed to you about Himself over the years. Or, just bring it clean and neat…ready for new learning and new notes.

But I have to buy a Bible now, and Bibles cost money! Crossway has been super accommodating and knows that a switch can be costly. They have graciously provided a discount code to help offset the cost of purchasing a replacement Bible for us to use as a church family!

NOTE: This discount code is good for 30 days…and meant to be used for you and your family to put a copy of the ESV in your lap for Sunday mornings. Please…respect their generosity and only use this code for that type of purchase. The discount code is GGC40B and is good from 7/28-8/28. It is only for use at Enter it at checkout to receive 40% off and free shipping.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the church office!

Signed on behalf of the Elders,

Marshall Gipe

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