Debbie Talbott Baptism Testimony

Debbie Talbott was baptized on October 14, 2018 in front of her church family. Following is her confession of faith in Christ. We pray that you are as encouraged as we are to see the continuing to prove Himself faithful and good.

“I will start with saying this: I am not here today surrounded by you amazing people by something I did.. this was not by accident or luck. This is just simply not my story..

This is not the first time I have been baptized.

The first time, I was baptized at a very young age, out of fear that I just didn’t want to go to hell. I thought if I just went through the steps out of law–out of works–then I was going to be OK. I just didn’t want to disappoint God. If I performed my duties as a good, godly Christian girl, the fiery flames of hell was not my destiny. So in my head (not my heart) I thought well I could actually pick my destiny.

And so, I spent a good part of my early teens into my twenties on the lofty truth that I would make my own story, and every fleshy earthy thing that I could do was done to fill the empty vat inside of me. But that vat actually belonged to my Lord. The louder my soul would cry out, the more Jesus was drawing me back to Him, who He designed me to be, the more I would draw in to myself and curl up into what society was telling me could calm that storm.

I would eventually fill this vat with what the world would tell me I needed; one more drink, one more night out, this person or this drug would replace what my hearts desired the most. And it was never enough. After years of being a wayward child, I could no longer bend against His truth. All of my sin constantly being put on display, covered up in so many lies and deception. But I am a Child Of God and what Jesus did on the cross was about to truly take hold. I was finally awake to His truth. I was designed by Him, for Him. My soul was already His. My all-sufficient, never-changing, sovereign God
picked me!!! He died a very personal death for this sinner!!!

l ACTUALLY GET THE GIFT to repent of my fleshly needs. My purpose used to be, to fill the EMPTY vat with anything I could get my hands on. Now it is marked with His name, with His word, with His truth. Everything earthy now broken, made anew, and over flowing with my purpose now being to glorify Christ.
Jesus already fulfilled what I tried for so many years to cover up. Through His death on the cross he paid for my sins! His Grace is a daily reminder of that. His story for me is so much sweeter than anything I could dream up, filled with so much more life than I can ever image. He led me here. To a church I couldn’t imagine ever going, to surrounded by all you people who truly LOVE without borders and Christ lead me here in this moment in front of you all, to proclaim this in His name,

Romans 6:6 We know that our old self was crucified with Him in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing, so that we would no longer be enslaved to sin.

This water is not my way to heaven. It’s through faith alone; believing in what Jesus accomplished at the cross. And in obedience to His word, in obedience and believing and surrender to Him….I am His. I am washed. I am clean. I am loved. I am called to be accountable and shepherded. I can’t do this alone. And I cannot turn away. And I will never be the same.”

If reading this makes you wonder what baptism is and why anyone would even consider doing it…please contact us at and allow us to answer your questions!

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