Craig Manges Baptism Testimony

Craig Manges was baptized on August 4, 2019  in front of his church family. Following is his confession of faith in Christ. We pray that you are as encouraged as we are to see the continuing to prove Himself faithful and good.

“I remember when I was six years old my family and I were watching the show Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition. There was an episode where the family knew that the father of the
family only had a few more months to live. The idea that the family knew he was going to die
really scared me. This was when my parents told me about Jesus Christ. How He was sent to
earth to die on the cross and rose again to die for our sins. They told me if I confessed my sins
and asked for forgiveness and asked Jesus into my heart then I could be saved and one day go to
Heaven. Even at a young age it astonished me that God sent his son to die on the cross for my
sins. It definitely made an impact on me and the way I lived my life. Knowing that I wasn’t
trying to obey God’s law because I thought that would get me to Heaven, but rather because I
was saved I wanted to live my life for God. As I got older though I began to let sin take control
of my life. I never stopped believing the Gospel, but I would constantly fall into Satan’s trap and
turn to sin for I knew that I could ask for forgiveness later. But Hebrews 10:26 states, “For if we
go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a
sacrifice for sins.” Around my Junior year in high school was when I really realized what I had
been doing for so many years. I had been abusing the gift that God gave to me and I knew this
needed to end. I tried to stop my sin but I was not successful. I realized that I could not
overcome my sin by my own will, I needed to ask God for strength and help in overcoming my
sins. Now I am not standing up here saying that I have conquered my sins, but rather that I pray
and ask God for guidance and help each and every day. There is a quote by Francis Chan that’s
often on my mind. He says, “I don’t want my life to be explainable without the Holy Spirit. I
want people to look at my life and know that I could not be doing this by my own power. I want
to live in such a way that I am desperate for Him to come through. That if he does not come
through. I am screwed.” This quote is often on my mind for it how I want to live my life. I am
not getting baptized today because I believe this will save me, for I have already been saved by
God’s grace and accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am getting baptized today to show
everyone that I want to live my life for Christ.”

If reading this makes you wonder what baptism is and why anyone would even consider doing it…please contact us at and allow us to answer your questions!

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