Dalton Boyatt Baptism Testimony

Dalton Boyatt was baptized on October 13, 2019  in front of his church family. Following is his confession of faith in Christ. We pray that you are as encouraged as we are to see the continuing to prove Himself faithful and good.

“Hello my name is Dalton Boyatt. At a young age I was introduced to Christ but never had a personal relationship with him until 3 years ago. Through my struggles over the years I can see how Christ never left my side. He was always with me, he helped me through brokenness and hardship and with that kept me on a path that led me to him. Since then I have asked Christ into my heart and built upon that relationship with faith and trust. I am choosing to get baptized today to show the love I have for him because he loved us so that he would give his life to die on the cross for us so we could be forgiven. With this I am ready to start a new chapter in my life and continue to build a life that will be centered on the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. “

If reading this makes you wonder what baptism is and why anyone would even consider doing it…please contact us at office@greenvillegrace.org and allow us to answer your questions!

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