Braden Hess Baptism Testimony

Braden Hess was baptized on October 27, 2019  in front of his parents’ church family. Following is his confession of faith in Christ. We pray that you are as encouraged as we are to see the continuing to prove Himself faithful and good.

“I want to be baptized to tell everyone that I am a Christian and I want to grow closer to Christ. I have come to church my whole life but I feel like these past couple years God has grown in me and I have got a lot more out of the bible. Romans 3:23 says “that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” I have sinned and I have fallen short of the glory of God, but God still loves me. This was hard for me to get over because he loves us even when we don’t love him. God has blessed me over and over again sometime I don’t see how that blessing is a good thing at first but then I see how it has helped me with a problem and has helped me to grow closer to God. God has also blessed me with a Christian home that has helped me to understand the gospel and know that God is above us all we do not compare to him.”

If reading this makes you wonder what baptism is and why anyone would even consider doing it…please contact us at and allow us to answer your questions!

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