No…you’re not in the wrong place. And no, these aren’t your normal LIFEgroup questions…

Since we Danny is taking us through the book of Romans at a pace driven by his prep and time with the Lord in the text, we have no way of knowing what to have you study in advance! (this is just for the summer, so please don’t panic!).

In light of that, what in the world do you do if you use the LIFEgroup questions as your “accountability to be in the Word”?

Well… you come here and use the below resources to help you have a productive quiet time with the Lord of course!

Really like the structure of questions to fill out? Check these out…

  • Click Here to get a set of questions that will help you study one of the Psalms. (those are great places to land as they are “complete thoughts by the chapter” and often full of emotions and circumstances that we feel in our everyday life).
  • Click Here to get a set of questions that will help you study any other text in Scripture that is a narrative (tells a story) or doctrinal (teaches us about who we are and who God is), even a combo of both (Acts, the Gospels, and others).

Maybe you need a break from all that writing and want to sit quietly, sip coffee and be taught each morning by a man with a giant mustache (ok maybe the mustache is too far). “New Morning Mercies” by Paul David Tripp is a great book for morning devotions that are more than a bit of cupcake icing. Super gospel-centered, packed with encouragement, and full of “whole-grain grace for the day”. (It’s available on amazon or at most local ‘christian’ bookstores)


And prayer…sometimes it’s hard to know what to say (did we just admit that?). The puritans can really teach us in this discipline! From regal wording to rich word pictures that keep God on His sovereign throne to relentless list of ways we experience the blessings of God by just being alive and in Him, the boys could really throw down! “The Valley of Vision” is a great book of Puritan prayers and devotionals that will certainly help you see the myriads of ways that we can pray over and praise our God! Check it out! (this one’s a little harder to find, but amazon comes through for us!)