My name is Ben Akers. I grew up in Danville KY where I felt the call toward Student Ministry my 8th grade year at Boyle County. After graduating in 2012, I began my collegiate career at Boyce College where I received my Bachelors in Youth and Family Ministry.

I was fortunate enough to meet my beautiful wife Amanda while I was in college while she was pursuing an Engineering degree from University of Kentucky.  We got married in October of 2016 and now have two children: Paxton (10/29/18) and Cohen (6/29/20).

I came to knowledge of Christ at an earlier age but did not begin to take my faith seriously until later on. I knew my sin was the thing that separated me from God but I only had head knowledge, it didn’t apply to my heart. It was not until I went to a camp where something clicked. I finally had a high view of God holiness and understood what that meant. With this new understanding of who God was I understood that sin could not go unpunished and I was unable to save myself. At that moment, I abandoned all hope, in myself and put all my faith, hope and trust in Christ.

Ever since then, I know God has called me to Student Ministry to share his glory and grace with students. Looking back at my life, I wish I would have taken my faith seriously at younger age. I read an article that said, “I have never heard older believers say, “I wish I spent more time in sports when I was younger” or “I wish I would have spent more time with friends” but rather, I wish I would have invested in my faith.” By being put in the position as a Student Pastor at Grace I hope that God can use me as a tool to draw others to Himself.