My name is Brian Reifsnider.  Janie and I will have been married for 43 years in June of 2021.  We have two adult children.  A daughter who is married with twin 9 year old girls and another girl due in April of 2021. Her family lives in Greenville.  Our son is single and lives in Columbus.

I grew up in a suburb of Fort Wayne, IN in a stable and loving home.  Our family regularly attended a mainline Protestant church.  Though a couple of times growing up I had short periods of interest in knowing more about the Bible and who God was, I can’t say I had ever heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.  I knew Jesus was an important “character” in Scripture but had no idea why.  My thought of how God “worked” was that of a large scale He used.  If the good things you did outweighed the bad, then I guessed I would be on His team.  But deep down, I knew that if that were true, and even if God graded on a curve, I was not going to make it.  Because of this fear of just judgment I decided simply not to think about spiritual things until a “better plan” came along.

Some years later, when I was in the Air Force, a friend shared what God’s real plan is.  In His sovereignty, He opened my “blind eyes” and “dead heart” to salvation in Christ alone, by faith alone.  Space does not permit me here, but if you’d like to know the details of this I’d be glad to share them with you personally or in a written testimony.  Shortly after I came to Christ I was transferred to Germany and was discipled by the Navigators who really began my grounding in God’s Word.

After I left the Air Force I met Janie and we were married a year later. We have always been committed to a local church and involved in small group ministries.  God led us to Grace in the fall of 2001 and shortly after, I became an elder.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve at GGC.   This past year Janie and I retired from our respective careers.  We however hope to never retire from  working in His kingdom.  We now just have more time for various ministries.  Janie has an older sister who is in assisted living locally and my mother lives in Greenville as well.  We love to help out with our twin granddaughters and look forward to a new baby granddaughter as well.  I especially sense God’s calling in the areas of men’s ministries, discipleship and counseling.

There are many passages of scripture which both motivate and challenge me.  I enjoy praying Eph. 3:14-21 for fellow believers. I’m encouraged in worship by some of the rich doxologies of Scripture such as Rom. 11:33-36 or Jude 34 & 25.  I love the deep Christology of Eph. Chapter 1 and Phil. Chapter 2. But over the years, walking Christ (and sometimes stumbling) these words of Paul seem to always come to mind; Col. 1:28 & 29; “And we proclaim Him, teaching every man and admonishing every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ; For this propose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me.”