– born and raised in a Christian home in Brookville Ohio
– trusted Christ as a child
– called into ministry as a high school student
– attended Grace College
– married the woman of my dreams (who I chased since 7th grade…worth it!)
– been serving at Grace since 2002
– father of four never-a-dull-moment children
– serving as “Teaching Pastor” since 2006

From an early age I understood that my sins separated me from God. On my own, I was blind, dead and helpless, standing as an enemy to God. However, by no “pre-qualification” on my part, God was kind to send Jesus Christ to the earth to die for my sins. I knew that message and trusted that message at a very young age.

However, for years I thought that being a Christian was about “moving beyond” that good news. I thought it was my job to prove to God that He made the right choice when He saved me. But as God has been faithful to reveal to me that grace truly means “undeserved and unearned,” I have come to better understand His great love for me!

Paul says the gospel is the “power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16). It is a joy as a pastor at Grace to serve people by sharing the power of the Word of God, which is intended to draw us closer to Jesus, so that we celebrate Him and His work on our behalf! It’s amazing enough that God allows us to search the depths and beauty of His gospel, it’s mind blowing that He lets us do that together!