As a life long resident of the Arcanum Community, my wife, Diane and I found Greenville Grace through a connection with one of my biology students.  Diane and I were members at a local United Methodist Church for over forty years and served as senior high youth leaders for more than thirty years.  During that time we learned from several excellent pastors and grew greatly in our faith.  It was as a young man in that church that I was asked to give my testimony during a weeklong revival service.  As I spoke at this special service expressing my belief in Christ I realized it was the first time I had publicly done so. As I spoke I can still recall the burning sensation in my chest as I took my seat in the congregation knowing Christ truly came into my life.  As the years moved on we felt that many things were changing in our denomination that we did not agree with.  Things that did not appear to be Biblically based.  We visited a couple of different churches and then visited Grace.  When the service was over I looked at Diane and said I think this is where we need to attend, and we have since that day.

I thought I knew the Bible pretty well but every sermon God opened my eyes to something new.  It was so exciting.  The people in the church displayed no phoniness as I had felt in so many other churches I had been to.  They all seemed to be there to worship God and to do His will.  It didn’t take long for Diane and me to complete the membership class and join the church as members.  We dove into the different opportunities to learn and to serve.  One of the things I took advantage of was a class on becoming an elder.  I really didn’t plan on becoming one but really wanted to know how this church we were members of was led so differently than those we were apart of in the past.  Some time after that class I was asked to consider becoming an elder.  I have to tell you that that was not on my list to do.  So I drug my feet and made no commitment.  As weeks went by and I attended services it seemed like the message would lead to a portion where a little voice inside my head would say, “see you could do that, you should be an elder”.  Now I left this go on for quite a while before approaching those who had asked me to consider the position to tell them I thought I was supposed to apply for eldership and why I wanted to do so.

I have now been commissioned as an elder at Greenville Grace and I am excited to serve in that capacity in whatever way God calls me.  I love to teach the Word to all ages and I desire to work along with the body of Christ to shepherd his people in anyway I can.

On a closing note, I am married to Diane and we have three grown married children, Michelle, Jason, and Angie.  We have also been blessed with eight wonderful grandchildren.  I was a teacher, high school principal, and held various administrative positions in local education systems in the area for forty-five years before my second retirement.  I still stay connected with Newton Local Schools by assisting with the athletic programs there.  We continue to reside just outside Arcanum in a place that God provided for us some thirty-six years ago.  God bless each of you and hope to get to meet you and know you.