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DR Missions Trip Support Opportunity

On March 2-10, the Fourman Medical Team is taking a group from Grace, other area churches and students from Cedarville University to the Dominican Republic for a week long mission trip. While there, they will be providing medical/dental and construction services to the people of the Dominican Republic and most importantly, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Diane Gayman’s Baptism Testimony

It was about three years ago that God opened my eyes to His gospel and I repented and placed my trust in Jesus Christ. I was actually baptized around ten years ago as a teenager.  At the time I was going through severe depression.  The gospel I heard preached to me then was a life […]

Alex Dearing’s Baptism Testimony

This is not the first time I will have been baptized.  I was baptized about 10 years ago but I feel like I didn’t know what it meant to be a Christian.  I know now that God doesn’t protect you from bad things but instead puts you through them to strengthen your relationship with him. […]

New Dominican Medical Ministry

[styled_image size=”blog” align=”left” link=”” icon=”” lightbox=”” alt=””]https://www.greenvillegrace.org/ggbc_files/Web/Graphics/DR2011_05.jpg[/styled_image] [headline h=”2″]New Ministry in the Dominican Republic[sub_title]Manos Limpio, Corazon Puro. (Clean Hands, Pure Heart.)[/sub_title][/headline] It is with great joy that Anna and I announce to you the formation and launching of a new aspect of Score’s medical ministry here in the Dominican Republic. All hospitals world wide experience […]

Vision Night | Summer 2011

[headline h=”2″]Vision Night | Summer 2011[/headline] type: Vision Night | by Elder Team Audio of Vision Night held on Sunday, August 14, 2011.  The elders of Greenville Grace church share about the GRACE Vision (Grow, Relate, Adore, Commit and Engage), upcoming Sunday morning changes, LIFEgroups, children’s ministry and finances. Vision Night Audio [hr] [two_third] Instructions […]

The EDGE: Don’t Waste Your Sports

This morning at The EDGE, we watched C.J. Mahaney’s message titled, “Don’t Waste Your Sports.” C.J. starts out by looking at 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” He explains that sports are a gift from God and as such should be […]

Help the victims of sexual explotation

About Gracehaven This is the ministry that our brothers at Veritas are supporting through the “She Has a Name” campaign. They could be helped big time with your vote! Gracehaven seeks through Christian love to provide shelter and rehabilitation to girls under the age of 18 who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and […]

Nilsen Update: Blessings

Now is a very busy time for Bob with many teams coming one right after another, along with combining people from different groups to form a team. As I type, Bob is on the way to the airport to welcome a medical team. Right now we have 3 medical interns, so they are helping Bob […]

Crystal Fourman’s Testimony

All my life I have been searching for something, I didn’t know what. I was always trying to fill this void in my life with everything you can think of from relationships and material things to drugs. Nothing ever satisfied me. It was great for a little while but then the exitement would wear off […]

Rachel Wright’s Testimony

I’m getting baptized because I believe in Christ and want everyone to know. To me, getting baptized means telling everyone that I love Jesus and want to follow Him. A few months, I was starting to doubt that Jesus was real. I talked to one of my teachers and she said to keep believing. Then, […]