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Nilsen Update

Bob flies out tomorrow (Wednesday) for the States. His total time in layovers equals his total airtime = 7 hours 50 minutes! Please be in prayer for the connections, safety and his back (it doesn’t like airline seats.) Friday he heads to Warsaw for his brother’s memorial on Saturday at 4PM. Please be in prayer […]

Praises from the Dominican Republic!

Bob has been fighting an infection in his leg, that at one point looked like it had gone into the bone. Praise God, it was not in the bone and Bob was able to incise and drain it. It is now responding to antibiotics and healing nicely. Praise the Great Physician! Many of you have […]

Hola! from the Dominican Republic

We arrived home to our apartment Tuesday at midnight. Only one hour later than expected due to storms in Miami. We were tired, but glad to be back. Wednesday Bob had a new Medical Team to meet at the airport in the afternoon, Thursday we were in the clinic, and today Bob is out with […]

The Gospel is Proclaimed

The following report was submitted by Timothy Wolfe, missionary with SCORE International to the Dominican Republic. 02/20/11 Sunday We had our first church service in the new Juan Dolio church. We had a full house! After service, we had baptism in the SCORE pool; there were six baptized this morning. 02/21/11 Monday Today we were in La Colina, […]

Frank and Stephanie Szymanski’s Testimonies

I do not see my baptism as the end but only the beginning of my journey with Jesus Christ. Today I confess my sins before my brothers and sisters and before God.  I ask for your guidance in my Christian walk through accountability, wisdom and the word. For many years I struggled with faith.  I […]

Sports, Prisons and… Jesus!

The following report was submitted by Timothy Wolfe, missionary with SCORE International to the Dominican Republic. 1/22/11 Saturday Lots of exciting things happening today. We had the dedication of the Highlands.  The Rawlings family was there as were many dignitaries and area pastors.  It was a big event with 4-500 in attendance.  After the ceremonies […]

Michelle Steffen’s Testimony

Jesus came to Earth, sent by God the Father. He was sent to shed His blood for my sins. My sins have been cast as far as the East is from the West. I believe in Christ and that He has covered my sins with His blood. I have a personal relationship with Him and want […]

Clinton Garber’s Testimony

I am being re-baptized today, I was baptized when I was 18 under the false belief that this would bring salvation and put me in a right standing with God.  I now know today that I had been baptized before conversion.  Today I would like to be baptized again now that I have been saved […]

Kellie Keiser’s Testimony

I once was lost but now I’m found. Blind by my own actions, living day by day for myself. By God’s amazing grace I can see the truth, the light and the way, that I’ve found in Jesus. God sent his only son to die on my behalf. To pay the price of my sin […]

Peter Eikenberry’s Testimony

I was living a life of sin that was pushing me further and further away from God.  And I deserved the full punishment for my sins.   I was hopelessly trying to fix my life myself and it failed time and time again.  But by God working in my heart I found Jesus and gave my […]