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Glory Seeking

Tom De’lea lived in my neighborhood as a kid. Everyone knew that Tom was the best soccer player in our school. Not only that, he was incredibly cool. I distinctly remember walking past Tom’s house on a sunny summer afternoon and recognized that he was pretty gifted individual—not only was he a great athlete, he […]

Piety and Worship

You’re there on a Sunday morning, enjoying the time of corporate worship and suddenly it hits you; you remember the sin you had performed yesterday. “It wasn’t even 24 hours ago” you say to yourself. And suddenly, in that moment, you feel less capable of worship.  There is now an obstacle—even though the sin has […]

Soul care and the body of Christ

I get it. We talk a lot about the importance of the body at Grace. We push membership pretty hard. We emphasize the body gathered (Sunday morning worship) and the body scattered (LIFEgroups). Like Paul, we think that the body of Christ is a pretty big deal. I wanted to give you a bit of […]

Worship: Old and New

The longer I work in music ministry, the more I realize how confused people are in regard to difference between the Old and New Testaments. It was just recently that someone confessed in a counseling session that they don’t read the Old Testament. Honestly, I didn’t even follow up (though, I should have); I’ve heard the […]

26 Songs to Invest In

I admit it; we use obscure songs for our corporate worship time. Personally, I love some of the thematic content and Biblical richness that some (albeit lesser known) artists have to offer. So, here is how I intend to help you; I’ve looked over our song usage for the last year (April 2014 to April […]

Adopted in Christ

[styled_image size=”blog” align=”left” link=”” icon=”” lightbox=”” alt=””]https://www.greenvillegrace.org/ggbc_files/Web/Graphics/BlogAdoption.jpg[/styled_image] [headline h=”2″]Adoption[sub_title]A study of our  Adoption in Christ[/sub_title][/headline] type: Sermon | by Jason Bradshaw | Scripture: Romans 8:12-25 Sermon Audio [hr] [two_third] Instructions for Downloading Files: Windows Users – Right-click on the Audio or PDF link that you want to save to your computer. When the menu appears, choose “Save Target As…” […]

Jason’s Journal | Part 7 of 7

[styled_image size=”blog” align=”left” link=”” icon=”” lightbox=”” alt=”Grace Blog”]https://www.greenvillegrace.org/ggbc_files/Web/Graphics/HEADER_BLOG_JASON_DR.jpg[/styled_image] [headline h=”1″]Rest, reflection & thoughts of traveling Home [/headline] Friday morning march 8, 7:05 am I’m at the front of the score complex reflecting upon the day yesterday. We started out with a half day clinic at La Cruz. This town felt less evangelized than the other […]