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A Letter to the Body of Grace.

During our Vision Night, we expressed that one area the elders would like to focus on is Biblical rest. One specific application was offering the Bradshaw family an 8-week sabbatical. (If you missed our Vision Night, or would like to review, you can find it here.) As we quickly approach the start of their sabbatical, we […]

Help Jason & Jodi have an Epic Sabbatical!

While rest is one of the goals of a sabbatical, Jason and Jodi are taking very intentional steps for it to be a time that impacts their ministry indefinitely. In the same way, their sabbatical will impact Greenville Grace in ways we can’t fully predict. As was mentioned previously (click here to see the previous […]

Sabbatical Q&A’s [yep, our phone’s a’ringin!]

As has been mentioned (here and here), gifting a pastor with a sabbatical is new territory for our church. We have sought advice and have asked questions. The following are questions we’ve heard since Vision Night and that we ourselves have asked. (If these questions do not address something you are wondering, please contact us. Someone […]

Announcements for February 1st

The information that follows is meant to serve any and all that are ‘formally’ or ‘informally’ a part of the family of  Greenville Grace Church. If this is applicable to you, read on! If you’ve found us by ‘mistake’, please, read on, but also know that we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you visit us! We […]

Baptisim | Sunday December 14th

Vaughn’s Testimony Vaughn – I came to know Jesus this year from a sermon after hearing Danny preach and he said “there is only one true God and He is the Lord of Lords”.  It was then I realized that I need to repent of my sins and I asked for His forgiveness.  John 3:17 […]