Crystal Fourman’s Testimony

All my life I have been searching for something, I didn’t know what. I was always trying to fill this void in my life with everything you can think of from relationships and material things to drugs. Nothing ever satisfied me. It was great for a little while but then the exitement would wear off and I would move on to the next thing. I didn’t realize until this past summer that Jesus Christ was all I ever needed, he filled that void inside of me.What I was searching for was my soul and he alone made me alive inside. I know now that I was spiritually dead in my sin and I needed a Savior. When Jesus went to the cross for me he took my sin with him and I have been forgiven. I am a witness to his resurrection because I feel the Holy Spirit alive inside of me. I no longer have to carry my shame or guilt of my past life because I have been born again In Christ. By the grace of GOD I have been choosen and will someday live eternally with my precious Father in heaven.

Rachel Wright’s Testimony

I’m getting baptized because I believe in Christ and want everyone to know. To me, getting baptized means telling everyone that I love Jesus and want to follow Him. A few months, I was starting to doubt that Jesus was real. I talked to one of my teachers and she said to keep believing. Then, I started praying about it and God helped me to have faith. I believe that Jesus is my Savior and He is the only way to heaven. I believe Jesus had to die for our sins or we would have to die. I also believe Jesus is God’s Son and died and rose three days later. I’m thankful God has given us His grace so, if we believe, we can go to heaven.

Frank and Stephanie Szymanski’s Testimonies

I do not see my baptism as the end but only the beginning of my journey with Jesus Christ.

Today I confess my sins before my brothers and sisters and before God.  I ask for your guidance in my Christian walk through accountability, wisdom and the word.

For many years I struggled with faith.  I never felt worthy of joining a church community.  Since attending at Grace my life has changed for the better.  I understand now, I am saved by the death of Jesus on the cross.  He died for my sins and his death is my death.  His resurrection is the resurrection of my soul away from eternal death, to eternal life.  I know now that it is by God’s grace alone we are saved.

I observe examples of the man I aspire to be, by observing the men God has placed here to shepherd me.  Just as in Matthew 3, Jesus’ Baptism opened heaven for all mankind; I feel this church community has opened my heart to Jesus as never before.

My sins died on the cross, a debt I can never repay.  I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I ask for Baptism today both for repentance, and as an outward sign of my faith and commitment.

I was raised in a loving home with good, hard-working parents.  My dad took us to the Catholic Church every Sunday.  But when I was 16, I started going to the Bible-believing church.  I continued going there through high school and became very interested in the things of God.  After high school I attended Cedarville.  It was at that time I had been struggling with the question of was I saved?  I wasn’t really sure.  I became convinced that I needed the Lord as my savior and accepted Him.  All these good and right things I had in my life were not enough to save me.  So after the conference, when I was 18 I had accepted Him as my savior from my sin and Him alone.

About twelve years ago, I was baptized by sprinkling in another church I attended.  But now that we have been attending Grace for about three years, I wanted to be baptized by immersion with my husband to follow Christ’s example because it represents His death and resurrection.

Romans 6:3-5 states that, “Or do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death?  Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life.  For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection.”

Christ is that newness of life for me.

Michelle Steffen’s Testimony

Jesus came to Earth, sent by God the Father. He was sent to shed His blood for my sins. My sins have been cast as far as the East is from the West. I believe in Christ and that He has covered my sins with His blood. I have a personal relationship with Him and want to become baptized to proclaim publicly that Christ is my eternal Savior. Jesus Christ has blessed me richly in my life, even when I don not deserve His mercy, He grants me with it.

Clinton Garber’s Testimony

I am being re-baptized today, I was baptized when I was 18 under the false belief that this would bring salvation and put me in a right standing with God.  I now know today that I had been baptized before conversion.  Today I would like to be baptized again now that I have been saved by grace, through Jesus dying on the cross and covering my sins with His blood, and as a public confession of faith.

Kellie Keiser’s Testimony

I once was lost but now I’m found.

Blind by my own actions,

living day by day for myself.

By God’s amazing grace I can see the truth,

the light and the way, that I’ve found in Jesus.

God sent his only son to die on my behalf.

To pay the price of my sin I am no one without God,

I owe it all to him, for who I am today.

Peter Eikenberry’s Testimony

I was living a life of sin that was pushing me further and further away from God.  And I deserved the full punishment for my sins.   I was hopelessly trying to fix my life myself and it failed time and time again.  But by God working in my heart I found Jesus and gave my life to him.  And I believe that God sent his only Son to die on the Cross for my sins and took the punishment for me.  It is only by Gods grace and faith alone that I was given salvation and can live a life free from sin that glorifies him.

Gary and Stacy Hudson’s Testimony

The Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior.  He has forgiven my sins by dying on the cross.  He forgave all of mankind who believe in Him.  Only through God’s grace could this happen.  All of my life will be judged by Him, and now I live to please Him.

-Gary Hudson

I am a sinner just as we all are.  How awed and humble I am that our God is such a loving God.  He allowed His only Son to be crucified on the cross for our sins.  It is by the Grace of God we are saved.  We have only to believe in Him.

I want to be baptized again, to be a servant of the Lord and be held accountable for my actions.  I was baptized at six weeks old with the best of intentions, but at six weeks you have no concept of accountability.  I want to grow, praise and worship God with Greenville Grace and other fellow Christians as well.

-Stacy Hudson

Jon and Stephanie Denlinger’s Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home, but as I got older in life I started rebelling against God.  I was caught up in things that I am not proud of.  I was living my life for myself and not for God.  It was after I met my wife that I started feeling a desire in me to change things in my life.  I was feeling a pull on my heart that I was missing something.  Come to find out that “something” was someone.  I needed Jesus in my life.

God showed his never-ending love for us by sending His Son to live a perfect life in this sin-cursed world.  Jesus hung and died on the cross to bear the sins of this world, mine included.  I thank God that He opened my eyes and my heart, to see clearly now the price Christ paid on my behalf.

Before I truly knew Jesus or about the wonderful gift God has given us, someone once told me that people can’t really change their ways.  I always had a problem with that because I thought people could turn from their sin.  But I thought it was something they did themselves.  I now know that it is only by God’s Grace that any change does happen.  I realized this by looking back on my life and knowing that I, by my own doing, would have never turned from the life I was living.  I thank God that he has chosen me to be a part of his kingdom.  I pray that He gives me the courage to share this wonderful message with others.

-Jon Denlinger

When I was younger my family moved around a lot.  My dad was in the army for a while and then worked at several different food manufacturing companies and transferred from plant to plant.  We were never settled in one place for long.  Finding a church home was hard.

As a child, we never talked about Jesus, read the Bible, or attended church regularly.  As I got older and started learning about Darwin and evolution in school it seemed to make sense.  But I still had unanswered questions.  How could the only planet able to sustain life have happened by chance?  And if we live and die here and that is the end, then why are we here?  There is no hope for anything more than maybe 85 years or so.  I knew earth couldn’t have happened by chance.

When I met Jon in 2003, he helped to open my eyes more.  We started to attend a church some, but not real regularly.  It was very large and hard to get plugged into.  We decided that it wasn’t the church for us for different reasons.  In 2008 we started attending Grace.  It was in coming here and listening to the gospel week after week that transformed me.  I am the type of person who dwells on things and worries about life circumstances.  I had never been able to give my worries to God and trust that He knows what he is doing and that everything will be okay, until I became a believer.  And it is such a relief.  Everything in my life is part of God’s plan to bring me closer to Him.  With Christ there is hope for much more than a few years here on earth.  There is hope for eternity with Him if we accept Him as our savior.

I used to think that by being a good person with good morals I could earn a place in heaven.  I know now that there is nothing I can do here on earth to deserve it.  It is only by God’s grace through the death of Jesus that I am saved.  I know I am a sinner and always will be, but I am trying to live my life more like Jesus and I know someday I will see the Truth face to face.

-Stephanie Denlinger

Kyle and Libby Lehman’s Testimony

I was raised in a good Christian home; church was a Sunday morning activity to me and not much more.  I went to Sunday school and learned about different stories in the Bible, but to me they were just stories in a book.  I knew that sin was bad and that Jesus died for my sins, but I thought that I could avoid sinning just by being good.  When I did sin, I wasn’t too concerned because I learned in Sunday school that everyone sins so I thought “what’s the big deal?” And, on the occasion I was concerned about sin, I thought as long as I dealt with it before I died I was fine.  And, I was just a child; I wasn’t going to die anytime soon.

It wasn’t until I was about 14 or 15 years old that I truly began to understand sin – what it was and what I deserved because of the sin in my life. I realized that there was only one way to deal with my sin; I repented and put my faith in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

I struggled for a long time with the fact that I did not have this unbelievable story to go along with my testimony.  I wanted that wow factor when I told people my story.  What I didn’t realize was that every life saved by Jesus is an unbelievable gift and my story is special.  Jesus died for my sins and allows me to have a relationship with God.  I do not deserve anything that He has given freely to me.  It is by the grace of God that I am here today knowing with 100% certainty who my savior is and where I will be when I die.

I am being baptized today as an outward display and testament to the faith that is within me.

This may sound like just another story.  But it isn’t.  It’s my story.  And not even so much that, it’s His story.  It’s His story of redemption played out in my life.

And yet, I haven’t always been fond of it.  Crazy as it sounds; it wasn’t dramatic enough for me.  I thought I needed more sin, more rebellion.  Little did I know I had more than taken care of that requirement.  What I think I really wanted though was a turning point, a definite spot in time where I can say that I turned from death to life.  I had heard other people recount dates and times, but I didn’t know mine.   Wouldn’t I remember something like that?  And if I didn’t, does that mean that it never happened?

I was raised in the church and I knew the story of Jesus’ death on the cross for my sin.  What I didn’t know then is that I didn’t understand it.  I was a good kid by most standards.  My parents may disagree, but, then again, maybe they wouldn’t.  They were the main ones I aimed to please.  I wasn’t trying to get them to just think I was good and secretly rebel; I simply liked to please them.  To that end, my behavior, my deeds, my work naturally became important.  And that, naturally, seeped into my relationship with God.  Albeit dysfunctional in hindsight, my relationship to God began fairly young.   Clear now is that I thought I could (and needed to) earn God’s favor by supplementing Jesus’ death on the cross with my actions and behavior.  I so wanted to make him happy; that he might be pleased with me.  So I read, and I prayed, and I mustered up every bit of gumption….and I often failed.  And I found new tools and new ways to help me be more disciplined, and I read and I prayed, and I failed.

One middle-of-the-night, in the quiet of our little apartment in St. Louis, after being introduced to an entirely new way of thinking, an entirely different set of standards, my mind was spinning.  My heart raced as I thought of what this meant; how many years had I not been following, not been pleasing, God?  If what I had thought wasn’t right, then what was?  I crumbled.  And then I heard, as clear as audible, these words.  “By grace, through faith.” Repeatedly.

It was fairly basic; a concept I knew but apparently didn’t understand.  ” For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.”  God was asking me to believe that He is who He says He is, He did what He said he would do, and that His grace given through Jesus’ death on the cross is enough just as He says it is.  Nothing added.

I was born on July 6, 1983 but I do not remember that day.  No details, no memories.  Praise the Lord, right?  I only know the day because someone else recorded it.  Yet even without it, I would know that I was born and am alive.  There is evidence of it.  I’m here.  I’m breathing.  I have a pulse.

God has graciously allowed me to see the same is true with my life in Him.  From my vantage point now, I can see His work in my life throughout every circumstance and situation, drawing me to Himself and yet I still don’t know the date that I was rescued from the death of my sin into life in Him.  Maybe it was during that middle-of-the-night encounter, maybe, as I believe, it was before.  I don’t really know.  Yet even without that, I know that I was; I have been.  There is evidence of it.  I’m here.  By grace, through faith in the work of Christ alone.  He has granted me the ability to believe; to hold fast to the words he gave me so clearly that night in the stillness…it is by grace, through faith.  And now I delight in the work of His son; the son in whom He is well pleased.