Porterbrook Greenville

Porterbrook Greenville is a Porterbrook Network Learning Site.  Porterbrook Learning helps ordinary Christians learn how to serve Jesus and his people better — whether they are church leaders, church planters, or simply Christians wanting to become more mission-focused. The Porterbrook Learning material is flexible and has been designed to be integrated with your whole Christian life in whatever context you are serving.

Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches

The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches is a voluntary association of more than 260 churchs in the United States and Canada.  The Grace Brethren movement worldwide includes over 2000 churches serving approximately 750,000 people

Tri-State Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches

The Tri-State Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches is an association of 20 some Grace Brethren Churches in the Tri-State region of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

We join together for fellowship and ministry on a larger scale than is possible with any one of our churches by itself.  We cooperate in such areas as the planting of new churches, Bible quizing, summer camp programs, Youth ministries, Women’s ministries and pastoral fellowship, among others.

Sojourn Network

Sojourn Network exists to multiply churches in North America and beyond in order to advance the gospel.

The vision of Sojourn Network is to be a network of churches with a shared DNA surrounding common commitments and identities who are passionate about planting more churches.

Sojourn Network partners with churches in training, assessing, sending, funding, and coaching church planters.

9 Marks Church

9Marks wants to help local churches re-establish their biblical bearings and re-think their ministry methods.  We exists to help local church pastors and leaders in the discovery and application of the biblical priorities that cultivate health and holiness in the local church.