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We live in a marvelous age that so many study tools are just a mouse click away.  Please understand that these tools are not intended to intimidate others or create some caste form of Bible Study.  Just like a magnifying glass allows you to see more of the beauty in a gemstone, these tools are intended to help you grow in your understanding and appreciation of the great treasure God has given us in His Son, revealed as the Spirit illumines His words to us!

Blue Letter Bible

Allows you to search by word or passage in 14 different English translations (plus the Vulgate and some Greek forms). For whatever reason, this site seems to be the most compliant for copy/paste of text into Microsoft Word.

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Approximately 40 different English translations and allows you to do a bit of work in Strong’s Concordance. logo

Bible Study Tools

More than 30 translations, and now allows you to reveal (or hide) Strong’s links. Also offers a limited amount of commentary help.

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A pretty cool site once you find the relatively small search box. Make sure you click “Bible” not “Site” when searching.  Offers quite a bit of textual criticism and footnotes.

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Bible Web App

Bible Web App allows you to place two translations side by side. It is very helpful in that you can place the Greek or Hebrew in one of your settings.  Even if you do not know Greek/Hebrew, this can be helpful because when you roll your mouse over the English word, it highlights the corresponding Greek/Hebrew word.  Then, if you click your mouse on that word, it will parse for you!  (Though the English can convey the grammar quite well most of the time, there are quite a few occasions when the reader is served by getting into the specifics…which aren’t always easily conveyed in translation).

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Calvin's Commentaries

This site gives you a translation of his works and is laid out in a fairly user-friendly format.  (As with any commentary, don’t cheat yourself by going to the commentary first.  In fact, there should be things you disagree with Calvin about [as is ultimately true with any expositor].  Do your homework first so that those areas are easier to spot.)

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ESV Study Bible

Ok, it’s not actually free (you have to buy a copy of the ESV Study Bible first.  Hardback is the cheapest form.) But it is worth the money.  Once you buy a copy of the Study Bible, you will receive a code that allows you to use their online tools. Very helpful!

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